We are based in Southern California and focus on areas of concern that face our community, like earthquakes, drought and wildfires. Our lead product, The Last Stand™, arose from the ashes of The 2008 San Diego Firestorm.

We saw a need to create a fire protection device where, when an evacuation order is given, homeowners aren’t psychologically unwilling to leave their home for safety. This device is equipped with firefighter fittings so it can be readily used by the fire department refilling their trucks or connecting their hoses.

With the purchase of The Last Stand™, you can be assured a system is in place that will retard the spread of a wildfire in your absence – allowing up to four hours of defensive watering until a fire truck can be deployed – and long after you have evacuated to safety.

In a major wildfire, firefighting resources are stretched thin. Which home is saved and which homes are destroyed can be a matter of a firefighter’s assessment of the situation. Firefighters will do their best but will look at their options prior to making the difficult decision of where their efforts will be best utilized – and where the probability of saving a structure is the greatest.

A 25,000 gallon pool equipped with a dedicated, unmanned system that delivers a substantial stream of water over a large area is a key resource available in times of imminent peril and hard decisions.

ImprovX Systems and Development strives to bring improved systems of safety and preparedness to the marketplace – systems and technologies that can improve our standard and quality of life; systems and technologies that can prepare us for the unexpected.

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